Being slim or being thin are two different things and the same thing applies to being fat or overweight, just because you don’t look fat doesn’t mean you are not overweight and in the same vein just because you don’t look thin doesn’t mean you are not underweight, so its best you get everything in the right perspective before you conclude.

The only way to be sure is to know your body mass index B.M.I and to know your B.M.I is very easy once you know your weight and your height and if you don’t know your weight and your height then I won’t be surprised if you don’t know your name and your nationality (just kidding), but seriously, knowing these things will indicate how seriously you take matters of your health.

To calculate your B.M.I, you use the formula (weight/height^2) that means your weight divided by the square of your height, don’t worry if mathematics is a problem for you, let’s say you weight 70kg and your height is 1.7m then your B.M.I = 70*(1.7*1.7)

if Weight= 70kg and height = 1.7m then
B.M.I = 70 / (1.7*1.7)
B.M.I = 70 / 2.89
B.M.I = 24.2

So once you can properly calculate your B.M.I you can then determine the true status of your weight, if after calculating your B.M.I is over 30 you are obese, between 25-30 means you are overweight, between 20-25 means your weight is normal, below 20 means you are underweight.
Obese – over 30
Overweight – 25-30
Normal weight – 20-25
Underweight – below 20
There is nothing good about being fat or being overweight, it doesn’t matter what anyone thinks, fatness doesn’t improve your social standing, and it’s your good health that should be important to you, put your weight in check before your weight puts you in check