A Father was teaching his son how to play Chess.
He said, "Here are white pieces and there the black. Now see this game as a war between the white and the black." The Son did not allow him to continue as he protested and turned the black pieces by his side to his father's wanting the father to play black. "Well," the father said, "That does not in any way make you the winner."
He holds the boy's hand, touches his skin and says "look at your skin, black or white?" "Dark" he said. "Now will you change that before we continue this game?" the father added then the Son nodded in a kinda defeat.
He looked at the father as he turned back the black pieces unto himself and said "Now I'm gonna play the black. Whether I win or not I am proud to be black"

You see, some live in a self defeated world. There are people who will never win a battle in life because they never see themselves as winners. What made the black losers? Their mindsets!

Like that boy, we would think "If I am born a White, I would live big. I would live a fulfilled life." If this is your thought I say to you, "Mtcheeeew!"
I read of recent that if you had $10 on you, you were richer than some American citizens. It's no joke. A friend once told me She was living in abject poverty that She could not afford a desktop computer that we give out for free here. I stand to be corrected on this.

Wait. Who is the World's President now; A black or A white? Answer for yourself.

It takes mindset to win in life and not Skin colour, age class or clique- Get it. Work on yourself. Develop yourself within. Low self esteem could kill you before you know. Never think less of yourself friend.

By Adegoke Olalekan Adebumiti