I've seen canteens where people would come checking in the morning but won't get in until they see a board outside that says
_______"FOOD IS READY"_______
______Pounded Yam-Yes______
_____Assorted meat- Yes______
When you see that board what do you do? You run to take it hot!
They knew people would be hungry so they prepared them delicacies of their choices. You've been there right?
Again, you probably must have seen the gas station that says "FUEL: Yes!" right? They are saying the same thing.
They say, "Come buy" or you've ever eaten for free? No. You buy.

Imagine getting to a canteen and they ask, "Sir, what should we offer you?" and you're like "Nothing, I'm not hungry." They will find a way of getting you out of there immediately. Food is for those who have got the appetite!

It's funny in those days when the family shared edible things. A nursing mother would ask for her kid's portion, claiming he/she would suck the nutrient from the breast milk. And the baby do suck it for real.

These days, like everyday, God wants people who are thirsty and hungry. Those who need Him. Those who want to get high on the spirituality grid. Those who will not settle for less. Those who will be asking for more with incessant belching. Those who are hungry of hidden secrets. Those who would give anything to dig out the gold of empowerment.
The 64,000dollar question is: "Are you hungry today?" Then God is saying "FOOD IS EVER READY." No closing time in His own canteen. He serves readily and He fills "THE HUNGRY SOUL."
When David received his own He said " cup runs over." God does not only fill to the brim- He makes them run over.
Ready to be filled? Ask and it shall be given He says. Prosperity, Financial Breakthrough, Marriage, Healing, Excellence, Comfort, name it! Receive them today, in Jesus name.
Even If you are filled already, take Spiritual laxative! You need another infilling.
God bless us today. Amen.

By Adegoke Olalekan Adebumiti