These days, a Nokia phone that needs to send a file does not necessary switch on its bluetooth; If you want to receive a file from, you switch on your's.

Most of us forget that "Prayer" and studying the "Bible" ever existed in our lists of six and five words respectively, when it's not yet sunday. Once we get to church on sunday, we earnestly pray that we would not go home the same way we came. We would think answering prayers is a sunday-sunday tablet. You're been wrong!

One way you go back same way is that "Your thought and perspective of God never changed. What do I mean? We have successfully turned God to father Christmas that has no agenda for his loved ones except during yuletide seasons. I could picture us going to church saying, "I am going to get what the Lord has for me today: His mercys, love, favour, fruitfulness, breakthrough, even blessings, etc" Is God now Father Sunday? What an error!

His steadfast Love never ceases and His mercy never comes to an end, they are new every morning: what about that?
While Jesus was here on earth, people would travel from all around the world to meet him, not saving their lives the of danger accident. They were coming because they needed COMFORT. So, when He was leaving, He promised and gave us the assurance of another comforter, one that will be with us forever- today, tomorrow and any day you could think of.
Which day was that? On a monday morning.

If He had died, rose up and went back on a sunday we would never have been recovered from the shambles of ignorance in which we've caged ourselves.
Like Yoruba would say "God does not move; it is we human that are looking for Him where He is not"
When you get up everyday, know that it is the day that the Lord has made, then unspeakable joy is non-negotiable.

So, Believe you can get the best from Him today.
What would you do to get that? Switch on your spiritual bluetooth and receive from Him, even today. When He says ask and it shall be given, seek and you shall find; knock and it shall be opened unto you, He is not talking about Sunday- He talks about everyday - He talks about today. Receive from Him today, for He answers prayers same way He answers on Sundays.

I pray may you get a buoyant delivery of what He has for everyday. Amen. Peace.

By Adegoke Olalekan Adebumiti