How I Make Money From The Internet (My Own Story)

What I’m about to share with you is not fiction its real and its currently how I get by and I know how much information you would obtain if you read to the end.
I really do not know what your job status is or how much income you make but I know whatever the case is, you don’t mind making more, no matter how terrible some people think the internet is I’ll always think differently about the internet, what you make of the internet is what is most important.

As a writer I came up with this website and it’s on this site I express my wring abilities and this website is not the type where you come across trashy and everybody-is-writing-the-same-thing kind of contents, and I must tell you that in less than one year since starting this website, I’ve made quite a sum from it, at least I make enough in one year to pay my house rent two times and I stay in a two bedroom flat so you know how much that could be. So do you have the ability to write? I don’t mean writing about celebrity gossips or news, leave that for vanguard and all other useless blogs around, I’m talking about meaningful life influencing writing like this one, then You can start your own website.

As a web developer I’ve gotten contract from people I did not know at all just because they saw my profile on the internet, I have my profile on and from there alone I’ve been able to get a number of contracts, all from the internet, you can avail yourself of such opportunities as well.

In recent times I’ve been utilizing my web development skills, by developing online stores like Jumia and Konga and by just placing my advert on Google alone I’ve been able to get a number of client, I completed the following online stores also, advertising on Google is not as expensive as you think, you can place Google adverts like the ones you see on this site for as low as $10 per day that is N1600, so nothing stops you, that business of yours can be advertised on the internet and you never know who would see it, it’s possible to even place a banner advert that you are available for employment, I did that once and I got a call to develop a website.

The idea is to get you to open your eyes so you can tap into the power of the internet, and if you think you need help regarding any of these things I’ve spoken about here (can train on how to develop online stores), then give me message at [email protected] , remember anything can be on the internet and if it can be on the internet then you can make money from it, after all Facebook is a multi-billion dollar business and it’s just a website