How To Make Fake Rice The Chinese Way, Including Fake Eggs & More

Fake Rice, fake Meats, Fake Eggs, Fake Noodles, The Many Faces of China's fake Industry
When it comes to making fake items, the Chinese are number one and no one has unseated the Chinese yet, you maybe very familiar with fake Chinese phones, fake Chinese auto spare parts, fake Chinese electronics, i mean the list of fake products that flood many countries of the world from china is really endless but not until i came across this piece of information, i would never have thought that the Chinese have taken their fake products to another dimension, the Chinese now make fake food items, you read it right, fake food, the fake food products in china ranges from , fake baby foods, fake wine, fake meat, fake meat, meat made from rat meat is sold as beef in some parts of china, fake noodles is another one. imagine eating fake rice, fake eggs, you buy egg from the market and after cooking turns it turns out that the egg you bought is an artificial egg made from industrial chemicals and not the one laid by chickens

The scary part of this whole fake Chinese food story is the fact there are countless numbers of products that enter this country from china, there is therefore a need for everyone to be careful of what they buy from markets now especially edible items and rice been a major staple food in the country, I'm afraid such kind of fake rice might soon find their way into the country.

The fake rice is made from a mixture of potatoes, sweet potatoes and plastic, the rice is made by mixing potatoes, sweet potatoes with synthetic resin and shaped in the form of real rice grains and no matter how long the rice is cooked it never gets soft, so for those who likes to eat strong rice, who knows you might have been munching such synthetic rice lately, consuming two plates of such fake rice is equivalent to eating two plastic bags, you can just imagine.

The following text is an excerpt from another website, it gives a detailed explanation of how fake eggs are made in Chine "Fake egg’s shell is made of calcium carbonate. Egg yolk and egg white are made of sodium alginate, alum, gelatin, eatable calcium chloride and then add water and food coloring. First pour a set amount of sodium alginate into warm water and mix it into egg white like shape, then mix it with gelatin together with benzoic acid, alum and other chemicals to make the egg white. Egg yolk is just adding lemon yellow food coloring. Together with calcium chloride to form egg mixture into the mold to produce the egg membrane. Egg shell is made of paraffin wax, gypsum powder, calcium carbonate and other materials." source

My people shine your eyes, and take extra precautions when buying food items in the market these days, better safe than sorry, it wont make sense if one is using his/her own money to buy problem, the chinese fake food is real, tell someone else