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These words are true these words are for you because I love you

"I Miss You" Messages "Missing You" Messages With Rhymes
Without you life sucks
without you I'm minus not plus
without you there's no us

"I Miss You"/ "Missing You" Love Messages For Her For Him

Alone by myself
Like a forgotten book on a shelf
I miss you the other half of myself
Without you I don’t feel like myself
True words from within myself
Love of my life
Angel of my life
My precious bride


I'm not gonna cry
i wont fade the blue in my sky
i miss you i cant say why
i love you but this i know why
miss you deary
like a runaway bride
my thought is running wild
i miss you like a motherless child

The Best Romantic "I Miss You" Love Messages On The Internet

I miss you and its painful
But I got you am so thankful
My priceless gem you are beautiful
I cant help but be faithful
I love you cant help but miss you
When I'm here without you