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3 Reasons Why You Have Not Found A Man

I could have as well be writing this article for men, but then we all know men do not find it so difficult to find a woman, infact the problem with some men is how to stay with one woman, so i will be doing my female readers who want to stop being single and seem not to be having a head way aroun

The Day I Died

How in the world would a person be able to write a story about they day he died?

7 Characteristics of a Masculine Man

Being a man can be one of the most wonderful thing a Human can experience (having a sex change to a man can never feel like the original), more so because, as a man the task of caring and protecting for the most beautiful of God's creation WOMAN is your most important assignment,

How To Handle An "Unwanted Pregnancy"

Sincerely i do not agree that there's something like an "unwanted pregnancy" because a man and a woman who do not want pregnancy should not engage in the kind of bedroom activities that can lead to pregnancy, the proper term really should be "Unplanned Pregnancy", having said that, getting pregna


Imagine building a multibillion dollar mansion that is the talk of your whole City. You used the kind of paint that change colour all by itself; the swimming pool is unmatchable and the cars that are lined up in the garage are outstanding spares.