Dope Rap Lyrics


Am the black gold so black you can never know am that gold
your character so curve my charisma so bold
you're stone cold but not Steve Austin got much freshness from within me bursting
you lusting too bad for you am out here loving
ever ready ever fly that's my motto
am living large like i won the Lagos lotto
fresh like a baby bottom snap my photo
i got more gifts than Santa in the grotto
am cruising in Ferrari&range rover you're driving motor
with super fly rhymes and dope lyrics i got the game finito
i make you start over and still run you over
like you're in kindergarten and my PhD thesis just over
my cup runs over you're furious you're boiling over
you're taking cover while am taking over
cant race in a bicycle with a range rover
this rap is not over better move over
am getting over the overs in this rap praise Jehovah


am h20 but not water/ h20 in alphabetical order
call me your brother from another mother guilty of murder
i kill rhymes and lyrics in no particular order
you're the waiter am the guest take my order
no need to bother/ i take the number one spot grand commander
flow like river Niger to the Niger delta/ you're good that's true but am better
i got the bread the butter and the cup of water
you're the shit packer chilling in the gutter
you got HND i got F.E.N.D.I
fully endowed no dulling impressive
did i impress you or did i oppress you
swagger so large that i got to compress you