Birthday Messages For Bae

Today is your birthday
A special day indeed!
It’s that time of the year
You shall get a big treat!
So don’t be sad
Don’t be gloomy
Happy birthday honey!
The little moments I spend with you
Make my life beautiful day by day

Ever Romantic "I Miss You" Rhymes

The clouds have rolled up,
in the horizon of my life.
The day you went away,
you left me nothing but strife.

A thunderstorm is about to hit,
I can feel it I’m so blue.
Take me out of this calamity,

The Best "I Miss You" Rhymes on The Net

I realized how much I love you,
only after you had gone away.
Now that I am missing you terribly,
I don’t know what to do or what to say.

I Miss You Rhymes

I know we've fought
Like cats and dogs.
Stripped of all emotions,
We've become like logs.

I know we've misunderstood,
each other all the way.
And there’s nothing left,
to do or say.


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