Well i guess i got caught up in the my oga at the top buzz, well in the rhyme way though

i respect my oga at the top
but am in love with the daughter of my oga at the top
now how i do i tell my oga at the top
that i love his daughter&even bought her a beautiful red top

I was called by my oga at the top
to meet him in a hotel at the top
how do i tell my oga at the top
am a young girl committed to zip up
i tried to tell him he told me shut up
now my oga at the top has removed my blue top

to all the oga at the top
stop molesting young girls because you are at the top
remember God who is really at the top
is piling up your sins and it will soon fill your cup

i was dancing azonto with my oga the top
in a club with plenty drinks on the table top
then i saw a girl wearing very skimpy tight top
i walked up to her and i said to her wassup
she smiled at me and pushed her chest up
i smiled back and popped my collar up
i asked for her digits so i can call her up
she gave it me and told me i meet her at the top