Skinniest Woman In The World; Valeria Levitina


I bet the title of the skinniest woman or man in the world is one title you would not want to bear after reading the story of this woman, Valeria Levitina has earned for herself the title of the skinniest woman in the world ans she has even being referred to as a living mummy, surely you know the term "mummy" here is not of a woman who has a child but of a living woman having semblance with an Egyptian mummy.

Valeria Levitina is a 39 years old Russian living in Monaco, as at December 2012, she was weighing 25kg, that is like a full grown woman having the weight of a 6 year old. As a teenager she was constantly riled for being fat and she was often bullied by slim looking girls who scorned her for her size, the ridicule led her to go on to starve herself, her desire to lose weight soon became addictive and this led her to become anorexic, Anorexia is an eating disorder characterized by immoderate food restriction and unusual fear of gaining weight.

Though she has since being cured of her Anorexia, she has not been able to regain her weight, and the most pathetic or say the most surprising part of her story is the fact that she says so many young girls from all over the world send her mail asking how she can help them lose weight like her and this is what made her to come out to warn young people of the dangers of being unhappy with their body.
Be happy with yourself, big, fat, thin, short, or tall, variety is the spice of life, we cant all look the same way and the difference in our appearances is what really makes the world an interesting place, LOVE YOURSELF.