Sweet Romantic sms rhymes

Love Messages 1
When old age fades your beauty
My love for you will not wrinkle
Forever young in my heart however old your body

I’ll love you then like I love you now
However hard loving you becomes my mind is made up now
In bad and good times I’ll remember what I say now
I’m in for the long stretch not just for now
My darling I love you no going back

You shone like a million stars
In the midst of a million others
Never to trade you for a million dollars
My love for you will go beyond borders
Unbreakable love rock hard like rock boulders

Love Messages 2
In the midst of a billion brothers
You chose me and abandoned others
Loving you now is all that matters
I’ll stay faithful to you in the midst of a billion sisters

Nobody else but you
My heart my body belongs to you
In body and soul I cling to you
Perfect love is what I bring to you
Never to break this heart of you
I love you