Many people these days just sit and watch as they follow the system of Goverment, and even their lives, play like the fixtures of a tournament. They are waiting for the time when luck would award them a contract of opportunity.

Without desirable decision to Succeed, they just want to view life's accomplishments on 3D! Sad enough, to corroborate their inhumane ambitions, they hide their mustard part away from the Successyard of the Nation, putting on hold, the Clarion Call of Responsibility. I sigh!

There's a story that really got me in the bible and this is it:
It's a story of four lepers that were living in the border of one particular country. To be a leper is to live a life of solitude. You will outright be shot out of Socialization. Your loved ones would lose interest in finding you around them anymore. Your profession, no matter how good at it you are, would be practised in exile. People would just decide you'll have to stop staying with them following a disease in your body you never knew anything of. That's too much to Swallow!

But, instead of them tailoring their lives to the rhythm of what fate beats for them, they saw a way of making the lives of those who thrust them out, better. And while they lingered to do something about it, they rebuked themselves.(See 2 Kings 7:1~)

Imagine, after doing that good will, they will still continue living in the bush. It would just be recorded that "We're saved by lepers," but nothing at all is going to be their gain as it were. Oh boy!

Some of us live unlike this Lepers. One would say, "I am going to die an HIV patient, so why should I support anti-HIV programme?" "I'm lame, I'm crippled so, why must I help those with two legs who are in need?" "You can see I'm blind, so why the need to tell people about stumbling blocks I know of?"
"They don't know God and they are prosperous, while I that serve God day in day out lives in penury, so some christians say."

Another one would say,"I have the drug that can save His life but if I give him He would be fine, and the oppression he oppresses me with his riches would increase. So let Him just die!; I'm on the sick bed and the doctor said I would die in days and there beside me lies a rich man who needed a kidney to live. Though I still have mine perfectly working, I won't give him. Let Him die and I die too!"

Are these not the thoughts in the hearts of some of us at times? And unless we have a change of heart, and steer clear of this ungodly thoughts of ours, we will just die and find ourselves in hell!!!
The conclusion of the whole matter is: If there is something missing in the lives of your Nation's citizens,-myself and you- it's nothing but Responsibility taking, good Character and Attitude. Of course, You can tell.

Let me just sum it up with this: "Therefore to him that knoweth to do good, and doeth it not, to him it is sin." (James 4:17). Peace...
I see God helping you. Amen