Imagine being a coach to an athlete. You take him for a competition and with so much preparation and exercise towards it, you thought he would possibly emerge as the winner. Now, as he hears the starting gun, he looks up, takes few steps and stop while the remaining competitors were firing on.

As a coach, how would you feel?
You would feel so disappointed? The same way you feel is how I feel right now, even more.

My question for you is: Why planning to marry someone who cannot offer more than "Yes, I do?"

I learnt recently of a newly wed couple. Almost all they used for the wedding were on credit. Wedding gown and suit, the food they prepared for the guests, the wedding cake, and the list goes on. The wife had to go borrow because she did not want shame.
"You will drink the gari!"
After the wedding instead of the bliss of honeymoon, you'll be befuddled with the thought of debt-moon.

She went to a university and has result she can't defend. Just like she went to FOOLiversity or univerPITY. She's so unkempt and bad mannered; but she's beautiful to look upon, slender, romantic, has figure eight; she can cook indomie and "concoction" rice and can make "poundo yam" and you call her "sweetie." "Would you tell me what is wrong with your marital taste bud?" or "What kind of short-sighted beholder are you?"

And to the ladies
He has swag and always sag, walks like when a dog, his tail, wag. He's romantic, handsome (or handplenty) and fun to be with. Has laptop to Play games, blackberry for pings only, ipad to watch movies with one used car from his dad; he does not know how to boil water, and you say Since he's a guy, you'll manage him. From where did you get "Masters in Marriage Management?"

After saying " Yes, I do," and nothing -no screensaver- to show for it. Even Electricity bill, she can't afford to pay. To buy anything she tells everyone daddy will soon be back.

And you lady call him honey and yet he has no stable honeycomb; don't worry, you will soon finish licking him. Mttttccchhheeeeeew...

Is that all you want in marriage? Have you ever thought of destiny fulfilment for once?
Bottom line: Friend, you deserve more than "Yes, I do" so wise up and go for the gold!
Don't just settle for less in your choice of marriage- you might regret it, i'm afraid.
Know what you really want in life and wait patiently for the partner that well fits.

"I'm Sorry, I never intended to insult you; forgive this my fingers that typed this."

By Adegoke Olalekan Adebumiti