Diss Rhymes Short Rhymes Short Rap Lyrics

I sleep in rhymes and wake up in lyrics
Can’t stop my shine I silence my critics
No love for haters no time for gimmicks
Super fresh and fly don’t roll with relics
No lele
I cover your head like an elegant gele (local head gear)
Am the trumpet you are just a small fere (whistle)
I enter the place all dem hater wan mere (run away)
I make money with rhymes elo bere (go and ask)
Oladimeji is my name no be dele
I don’t joke with my rhymes but I rhyme with jokes
The first line kinda rhyme with folks
I make the flow easy it rhymes with stokes
The girls love my rhymes and they love my blokes
Am the loudspeaker you are just a town crier
Am good with facts you are just a bad liar
The smooth operator you are just a barb wire
I got a super fly ride you don’t own a tire
To see me nowadays a pass you require
Am the bulldozer you are just a small plier
This I do for rhyme sake am such a bad bragger
I drop rhymes on a daily
My love rhymes make the girls go jelly
Cant touch me mo gbono feli feli
Dope rhymer call me Machiavelli
Am early I never go late am on your telly
Your belly like you dey twist say na jelly
Your jerry no curl and your mouth dey smelly