Freestyle Pidgin Rap Lyrics

Am a bad rhymer
Mixing rhymes and money is a bad matter
Go getter if you like her better tell her
Am on a river bank with a wet teller
That’s the way I like her she’s my cute banker
Am stuck on her like a permanent marker
Don’t mark her she’s my baby boo don’t shyke her
I like her though she dey too vex e no matter
Pour me pure water shack holy water
When you don high you go fall for gutter
I no be aje butter I no like butter
Find me fresh bread oya now put bama
When pepper rest
We go touch fine girls for breast
Am never behind I stay abreast
Never to rest until I become the best
Nobody go fit test me
Na me myself dey test me
Your babe dey trip see now she don dey text me
No need to dey beef me
Step up your game no need to dey face me
Love me or hate me you no go fit stop me
I love my flows and my flows are so loving
My rhymes they keep coming
Like the tears in my enemies eye
They never run dry
Am the best am the most fly
The child of the most high
No grass can make you high like the most high
I see the redness in your eye but why
When your pocket don dry
Like water in the desert you are absent
Am the water in the seas am present
Your freshness one percent
Am a fresh boy hundred percent
I live in present tense
You are stuck in past tense
No wonder you are that tense
Like bad grammar you lack tenses
You fail like bad business with no chances