Why Does Love Hurt So Much?

This is one question a lot of young ladies, some not so young ladies and some guys ask these days, when they find themselves with someone who doesn't love them back as much as they do, if you want to know what to do WHEN THE ONE YOU LOVE DOESN'T LOVE YOU BACK you can click on this link to read up on that, in the mean time lets consider why love hurt this much.

Does love really hurt at all? true love doesn't hurt, it doesn't put you in a state of depression, seriously if you find yourself in a situation where you are constantly hurting, then you might just have to pack your load and go, that is if you are not married to the person already though, and the hurt being referred to here is not physical hurt, its basically emotional, any physically abusive relationship is one you should run very far away from.

So if the hurt you are experiencing is an emotional one and you are considering leaving, before you leave let me have a little word with you so you can really understand if its the love that is hurting you or you are the one just hurting yourself, truth is if its you hurting yourself it doesn't matter how wonderful the person in the relationship is you would still feel hurt. Except you are in a relationship with an angel (which i know i am), enter every relationship even that marriage you are about to get into knowing that there would be rough times, not that you should become pessimistic or any sort of thing like that.

Enter into every relationship with a modest expectation and a robust desire to give more than the desire to receive, love doesn't hurt it is you hurting yourself, and you hurt yourself when you expect too much from that other person, give more and expect less and be very happy with yourself with or without someone only then can you truly get out of the hold of hurting love, remember you love that person, you desire that person why then should you break down when they don't meet your expectations, is that the reason you love them? love with a joyful heart and even the stoniest of heart can become the sweetest of sweethearts.