This story could turn you a preacher by the time you finish reading it.

The Pastor got to the church on that sunday morning and began his preaching. As he was preaching, he noticed a small boy weeping, which he thought was due to the touching message he was delivering.

By the time he finished the preaching, he called the boy to share his testimony and here is it:
Boy: (weeping uncontrollably as he holds the microphone) Sir, What do you call a person that picks what does not belong to him and turns it to his own?
Pastor: A thief of course!
Boy: (Surprised of the answer the Pastor gave) A thief! Okay...
Then the boy continued...

When I was coming to this church this morning, I lost a jotter that contained revelations given to me by God. I was very troubled, so I decided to pray. When I was praying, God told me He had delivered it to the hand of a pastor to whom He wanted me relay a message. He said he would instruct Him to call my phone number on the jotter and then He(God) would give me a message for him.

I asked what the message was and God told me "Tell Him I want him to be faithful to me and then his ministry and business will grow; Faithfulness is all I need from him"

Though I did not understand the message well and I was not going to question God to explain what He meant, I decided to just do as I was directed.

I waited for the call and I received none, so I kept calm. I knew I would get my jotter back, since I was going to deliver a message to the one with it.

"I came here because God had sent me to give the church members the tract He asked me to print, WHICH IS THE SERMON YOU HAVE JUST DELIVERED."
God actually knew we were going to meet here, so He sent me to you.

The head Usher to receive and assess the tract for approval, before it would be distributed was not around, so I waited.
Where I was sitting, I saw two Angels standing beside you, removing some things off you. I couldn't stand the sight that I wept. I wanted you to stop the preaching but they warned me not to say anything. The Angels left 2minutes ago and while they were leaving, they told me you only had 10minutes to live. They ended it by saying: "THIS ONE WILL BE A LESSON FOR AS MANY WHO ARE UNFAITHFUL IN THEIR DEALINGS WITH GOD AND MEN"

The message in the tract is what you have preached as sermon so there won't be the need to distribute it any more.
It dropped off me and you actually picked it, but you never obeyed God to call me as He has directed you.

"Can I have my jotter back now?," the boy said as he shook his head sideways.

The pastor, now sweating profusely, wept as the whole church was watching to see what would happen. He took the jotter and handed it to the boy then fell and died there on the altar, as a reward for his unfaithfulness.

The whole church, on seeing him fell, ran out of the church!

Then it reminded me of a passage in the bible that says: "And if ye have not been faithful in that which is another mans, who shall give you that which is your own?" (Luke 16:12).

("What you've just read was not a true story though, but an inspiration I received. I believe it has passed the same message it would pass if it was true.")