The Best Romantic Goodmorning Love Messages For Her or Him

The sun is bright
Your eyes are bright
May your day be filled with sunlight
Have a great day take care and be alright

I loved you yesterday
Love you still this morning
Enjoy the best of today
To you I say good morning

Like the love of a mother to her child,
like the love of a groom to a new bride
so is my love for you my princess my soon to be bride.
Love you dear and have a fantastic day.

My Bride
My pride my soon to be bride,
my friend the one to whom I blend,
my soul mate to whom I relate like my mate,
I so much love you
I so much miss you
can’t say it enough. Have a nice day.

Like A Baby
You slept like a baby
felt love like a baby
woke up to God glory
am still loving you daily
my one in a million baby,
enjoy your day my princess.

A New day
It a new day another chance to live more,
another chance to give more ,
another chance to love more,
another chance to say I love you with my heart body and soul,
a great day to you love.

Blessed are those who believe without seeing,
I don’t know what you see
but I see a woman that can make a man successful indeed,
I need you to be that woman you will.
Have a great day.