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Pregnant For 46 Years, Woman Gives Birth To Stone Baby

"A stone baby, is a rare phenomenon which occurs most commonly when a fetus dies during an abdominal pregnancy, is too large to be reabsorbed by the body, and calcifies on the outside, shielding the mother's body from the dead tissue of the baby and preventing infection." Wikipedia

How To Make Fake Rice The Chinese Way, Including Fake Eggs & More

Fake Rice, fake Meats, Fake Eggs, Fake Noodles, The Many Faces of China's fake Industry

Imagine An UnderWear That can Block Mess/Fart

A British line of fart-filtering underwear is doing big business, and it has the United States to thank for it.

"Americans are making up the majority of our sales at the moment," Shreddies spokeswoman Ianthe Betts-Clarke told The Huffington Post.

2 Effective Natural Ways To Drive Away Mosquitoes

If you live on this side of the world i live in, mosquitoes will definitely be one thing you grapple with as well, i cam e across this natural methods of driving away mosquitoes and i believe you will appreciate it, if all that mosquitoes did was to bite, leave bite marks that turn to black spot


Being slim or being thin are two different things and the same thing applies to being fat or overweight, just because you don’t look fat doesn’t mean you are not overweight and in the same vein just because you don’t look thin doesn’t mean you are not underweight, so its best you get everything i