How To Avoid Paying House Rent

I bet you cant wait to find out the magic formula that can help you avoid paying house rent, paying of house rent can be such a burden to some people that the mere mention of rent at certain time of the year make some people hypertensive, but you need not place yourself in that kind of uncomfortable situation, when you can actually avoid paying the house rent.
When you consider the amount some people spend on house rent, you can just as well say they are feeding their landlords, or how else would you describe a person whose house rent is 35% to 40% of his annual income? that's really outrageous and its high time you stopped paying that much money to your landlord, let's do a little calculation with this scenario, this would enable you to calculate the percentage of your annual income you spend on house rent.

Monthly salary --------- 85,000

Salary per Annum -----1,020,000

House Rent Per Annum ----------------260,000

so the percentage of your annual income that your house rent comprise of is

(260,000/1,020,000) * 100 = 25.5% you can use the same formula to calculate your own percentage this is just an example
If your house rent is between 25% to 30% then that's healthy and it means it would be easier for you put the magic formula that would help you avoid paying house rent into use bought if your house rent is 35% or more of your annual income then there is a need to increase your income.

There is nothing magical or out of this world about the how-to-stop-paying-rent-formula because it's very simple and straight forward and the formula is that you buy a land and build your own house, okay, before you get angry and log out, perhaps you were expecting that you have not heard well I'm sorry to disappoint you, truth your most possible way of avoiding house rent is to have your own house and i know you are aware of this already, this is just to kind of remind you or open your eyes to options that you were oblivious to all this while.
Yes i know you might probably not be making enough money and you have loads of responsibilities, what you must know is if you keep thinking like that you might not start something on time, because there would always be financial responsibilities, so what you should start doing now is to make certain financial changes, that will help you to start saving towards your getting your own house, there are loads of options available from plenty of mortgage banks around you,
I do not know what part of the world you stay and i do know different rules apply for different countries and regions regarding mortgages and building a house but the common rule that applies to everyone is SAVING, if you can start saving towards building your own house then you will be a lot closer to stop paying house rent.

Start SAVING, as it is, you probably is already spending more than you save and that is financial suicide, if already you find it difficult saving towards your house rent the idea of saving towards building your house will sound out of place, no matter your salary, you can save, if you think you can't save then it's because you are already living beyond your means, people who save are people are can sacrifice certain frivolities for the better gain of having assets instead of liabilities, if you own a car and you service your car expenses from your salary, no matter how big your salary is, you are doing something wrong, because your car is a liability and it wont appreciate at all.
there are countless mortgage companies around, if what you earn is just enough to cater for your family with nothing to save, then i urge you to do something about your finances, perhaps you have never drawn a budget for your spending before, then you can start that and your best bet is to start this things when you are still single as soon as one gets married, all this become impossible and difficult, so make changes today start SAVING and avoid paying house rent longer than you should, you are not working to feed your landlord, your comments are welcomed and don't forget to forward to friends as well as share with them too.