"I Miss You"/ "Missing You" Love Messages For Her For Him

Alone by myself
Like a forgotten book on a shelf
I miss you the other half of myself
Without you I don’t feel like myself
True words from within myself
Love of my life
Angel of my life
My precious bride
Mother of my child
For you I’ll pay the price
I miss the love in your eyes
Without you my life feels wrong
To live without you I’m not strong
Alone like a black man in hong kong
I miss you like a wedding with no song
Like a girl without a boy
Like a child without a toy
I miss you with whom I share my joy
With I feel like a man not a boy
I miss you
I’m here solo
Like a mouth with no food to swallow
Missing you is a hard pill to swallow
But in pity I won’t wallow
I miss you just so you know