Good Morning Poems for Him or Her

A cup of a very hot hello's
A plate of a nice crispy wishes
A spoon of sweet smiles
and a slice of awesome success
Hope this breakfast would make your day lovely
Good Morning to you
Don't waste your wonderful today
by worrying about the problems of
yesterday or the troubles of tomorrow.
Good morning to you.
Good morning to you,
For a day so cool and new,
Make new plans for the day,
Go out there to find a way,
Reach where you wish for today,
Wish you a lovely morning for the day,
Have a nice day!
Friendship is sweeter than honey
& greater than money
Smoother than silk & whiter than milk
Higher than tower and stronger than power
Good Morning to you
Mornings bring in a new charm,
Something so fresh,
Something in the air,
So, start your day with a silent prayer,
So that you have an awesome day today,
It's just the good morning I must say,
Good morning!