Are You Preparing For Your Old Age?

So tell me when was the last time you thought about old age? or you belong to the class of people who hate old people? oh, you think you are going to be forever young? well you can be forever young but it will only be in the mind because physically everyone is going to get old, skin will wrinkle, bones will ache, backs will bend, blood pressure will rise as well as drop, eyes will grow dim and less sharp, teeth will decay and fall out, organs might fail and subsequently old people will pass on.

The truth is, not everyone will get to old age but one thing is certain, I already prayed for you that is reading this article that you will grow into a ripe old age and it is the confidence that i have in the fact that you will grow into old age, that fuels the need to inspire you to prepare for old age, i believe you don't want to be an old person who becomes a burden to his/her children.

One can prepare for old age spiritually and physically, but the physical part is what we want to concern ourselves with here, the best time to start preparing for old age is as early as possible and when is early? i say now, if you are less than 30 or in your early 30s then you have a greater chance of doing things that would make you age gracefully, our physical bodies are like engines they wear with use and with age and how we treat our body will determine how it will wear, truth be told no matter how the body is treated it will still wear out but then it is important to wear out gracefully, one of the things that will most define how gracefully a person ages, is what a person eats, drinks and what goes into a person's body.

For some people, they cannot do without drinking very cold drinks, be it water or the likes, if it is not very cold they wont drink it. Others it is the love for sugar and sweet things, if its not a sweetened soft drink then they are not drinking it, they would rather quench their thirst with a bottle of soft drink than take water. Another group of people are those like fried and oily foods, they love fried anything, fried rice, fried yam, fried meat, fried fish, fried chicken, if it is not fried just count them out. Then there are those who smoke like locomotive engines and drink alcohol like water, none of these things are a good way to prepare for old age, if you happen to belong to any of these categories or you belong to all the categories then you better watch it, you have the chance now that you are still young, no one knows how it feels like to be old until they are old, don't wait until then, there is a need to super moderate with all of these things i listed above or even a complete withdrawal, you cant carelessly and oblivious of what goes into your body and expect to reap good health, what you sow is what you shall reap, in the end it is God that gives long life but God wont force you to eat healthy as well, so since you know you will live to an old age don't you think it's wise to prepare?