Sweet Love Messages For Him For Her

If I say I wrote your name in the sky
It will be a big lie
But believe me when I say
I’ll love you today and every other day
Have a great day

I pledge my love to you
To be faithful to you
To love you and never lie to you
To be the best man for you
To turn your frown to smile for you
To make you happy I found you
For this I write this rhyme for you
Love you

I was lost but you found me
You had options but you chose me
Why you chose me is beyond me
As long as I got life inside of me
You’ll always be the better half of me

You are like favorite song I sing along
How can I run from a love this strong
Loving you can never be wrong
I just want to do you right and not wrong
I want to be there for you
To be the best friend of you
To bring out the best in you
To love you for you
I love you I really do

I love you and it’s you I cherish
Like a tasty dish it’s you I relish
Our love will live it won’t perish
I’ll care for you like the pastor of a church parish

I do promise you a perfect love life
But I promise to love you for life
I do not promise heaven on earth
But I promise to be down to earth
I do not promise you the impossible
But I promise to love you as much as possible