Happy Birthday to a Very Special Person Like You

I’d like to wish a very special birthday
to a very special person.
I’m glad you are a part of my life
In you I have found: the perfect partner, the best friend,
the sweetest love, that I ever imagined.
I’m so happy that life has brought me to you.
Happy Birthday to you.
A smile can be the beginning of a friendship.
A touch can be the beginning of a love.
A person like you makes life worth living.
Happy Birthday!
I wish you a day as bright as your smile,
as warm as your heart, and as special
as you are. My blessings to you,
with lots of love and joy.
Happy Birthday!
I wish you a fun-filled, bright,
exciting and joyous birthday
I wish you a year full of moments of happiness!
I wish that sweet things will happen, just for you!
Happy Birthday!
It may be sad that we are apart on this day,
but know that things are about to change.
It’s so nice to share special moments
with a friend like you
Happy Birthday
May all of your dreams come true,
for when they’d do, I’ll be with you!
May every gift multiply and double
your happiness on this special day.
Happy Birthday to you.