Ten years ago where were you? Can you remember? Do you remember what stage of life you were then? The things you did then or the things you didn’t do then, can you find a picture of you ten years ago and see what you looked like then, ten years ago you were ten years younger than you are now.

Ten years ago you had dreams, hopes and ambitions, do you still have them? Or has life kicked you into forced wakefulness and you no longer remember your dreams, ten years ago you lacked the ten years life experience that you have now, ten years ago were you a lot wiser or a lot more naive than you are now, ten years ago what do you wish you did differently?

Ten years down the line are you proud of yourself? Are you proud of all the efforts you put into your life then and how it’s paying off now, perhaps it is that you regret those mistakes you made, the chances you lost and the opportunities you wasted, the person you were ten years ago, will he/she be proud of who you are now ten years after?

What is it you are doing now that you would wish you did differently ten years from now? To everything in life there is always a ten years after, even when one has passed on. Your relationship with God now, the business you are investing in now, your relationship with that young lady/man now, the job you are doing now, your health, your physical appearance and what you are doing to your body now, all of them will have a ten years after and what you will become ten years after now will rest a lot on what you are doing with these things now.

One thing is very certain now, ten years after now it will be undeniable that you read this article ten years ago, I pray the next ten years of your life will be better than your last ten years. Amen