Love Messages For My Darling|Love Rhymes For Your Partner

I'll thrill you beyond manilla
I'll be sweet to you beyond vanilla
I'll take your breath away but wont be a killer
I'll be your Nike and I'll be your Fila
I'll get you high on a plateau beyond mambilla
I'll be good to you never to act like a gorilla
I'll stand by you I'll be your pillar

i loved you yesterday
i love you today
and I'll still do tomorrow
i love you when we play
i love you its not a play
I'll love you beyond tomorrow
I'm all yours today
I'm all yours forever
I'm all yours in joy no sorrow

for you i could be a liar
for you i could pass through fire
but i wont cos i love you with a strong desire
i'll say the truth always never to be a liar
you are the light of my fire

to my present sweetheart in time of need
it's you i love and will always need
and as long as i got life inside of me
you will always be the better half of me

for you i will bring down the sun
for you i will do a million and one
for you are my love and the one
with whom our two becomes one
I'm made for just one and you is the one