The Best Romantic "I Miss You" Love Messages On The Internet

I miss you and its painful
But I got you am so thankful
My priceless gem you are beautiful
I cant help but be faithful
I love you cant help but miss you
When I'm here without you
I need you like I need life
Like a kitchen needs a knife
Like a husband needs his wife
But I miss you like a man with no life
I miss you and I’ll love you for life
Though I’m far away from you
I have a goodnight kiss to blow to you
A warming hug to give to you
And a sweet night rest to say to you
I will always love you
Yes only you
I miss you
I miss you more these days
Cos I need you more these days
Even though it is so these days
I’ll love you always
I miss you like seriously
I wander like aimlessly
My love for you is like priceless
I’ll love you forever like timeless
For you I’ll do anything like senseless
I miss you my princess
I miss you but I love you more
I miss you like a number 3 without 4
Want to be with you from hours 1 to 24
I miss you but I love you more
Its not the same without you
I’m not the same without you
I’m incomplete without you
Just so you know how much I miss you