Cool Romantic Love Messages for My Girlfriend

Two hearts
our two hearts beat as one
no longer two but together as one
am a winner you are the prize i won
i can be number two as long as you are number one
my shining star you are my number one

as the sun shines everyday
so will my love stay true all the way
i will love you yesterday today and everyday
my priceless treasure never to throw you away
am sold out and i say it out its you i wanna love all the way

No one
no one can love you like i do
to care for you is all i wanna do
to love you at all times and be your friend for life
i choose you as bride its you i want as wife

i choose you in the midst of many
you stand out in the midst of many
i love you for reasons very many
and I'll love you for years not few but very many

Your way
am so loving your way
still remember when you came along my way
i love you today like i loved you yesterday
you're the answer to the prayer i prayed yesterday

Your eyes
looking in your eyes
i get the thrill i watch the sun rise
looking in your eyes
turns my low into high rise