The Best "I Miss You" Rhymes on The Net

I realized how much I love you,
only after you had gone away.
Now that I am missing you terribly,
I don’t know what to do or what to say.

I never knew the true meaning,
of feeling empty from inside.
Until I started missing you so much,
since then, I have constantly cried.

I miss you.
There are moments when I,
go blank in the head.
There are hours when I,
just roll around in bed.

There are times when I,
feel dazed out and alone.
There are minutes that stretch,
into hours so lone.
Without you time extends,
so painfully infinitely.
I need your hugs and kisses,

Baby I miss you badly.
Just like how night turns into day,
and for light darkness makes way.
We are both two sides of a coin,
with our hearts inseparably joined.

I miss you in a way so bad,
that it is making me go completely mad.
Have you ever tasted,
tea without sugar?
Have you ever tried,
bread without butter?
Have you ever eaten,
chips without fish?
You should try out this stuff,
that’s what I really wish.

So that you come to know,
what my life has become.
After you have gone,
I am incomplete and lonesome.

I miss you.
The day you told me that,
you’ll be back soon enough.
I knew that life from then on
was going to be tough.

The day you went away,
I crumbled apart.
The day you waved goodbye,
I cried from the heart.

I miss you.