The journey of marriage could be timeless, then to be fore-warned of the bumps of it, is to be fore-harmed.
Some years back, as I learnt, the witches in Africa gathered and fasted for 200days just to make marriages unsuccessful. One might ask, "Why?" and the answer will be, "Because when Marriages don't work, everything in the marriage will follow the trail.

It is so pathetic and alarming how marriages fail these days and we watch almost helplessly. Like you have learnt, everything we do on earth is a finished product of our choices. Then as a single or engaged person, the Choice of who to marry is something you should think very well before you do.

As long as you want fulfilment in marriage, listen to what I'm about to tell you:
How much of the Person and his/her family do you know, before you plan to settle with Him or Her?

Whether you like it or not, you should know that there are Cursed families such that, when you marry from there, you have signed for a deal of misfortune.

A married woman told a close friend of mine few years back, of the seeminly ruin she had signed herself up for because of where she married from. It happened that, any woman who marries from the family will automatically become a witch after the first birth. And that was the Spiritual battle she began to fight, even though she married a Pastor of a renowned Church in Nigeria. She knew because she was spiritually alert.

Another one. My brother was so angry few weeks back as he relayed the story of a friend of his. This gentleman married and suddenly down the line, the wife ran mad. It was after the incidence that he knew some other ladies in the same family have the same mental problem. But, it was too late!

I know you can quote scriptures for me, but I will advice you that God should be the one leading you, and then you must do spiritual check-ups to know that your partner is okay before you plan to marry; otherwise, you could bite more trauma than you can emotionally chew. God bless...