7 Characteristics of a Masculine Man

Being a man can be one of the most wonderful thing a Human can experience (having a sex change to a man can never feel like the original), more so because, as a man the task of caring and protecting for the most beautiful of God's creation WOMAN is your most important assignment, being masculine as a man doesn't necessarily mean having a bulky and muscular build, its not in the appearance of the man's build but of the strength he carries inside, a man's masculinity goes beyond the physical, women need to particularly need to encourage men to become the best they can be as well give the man space to be the man he should be, so for the men who do not have a clue as to what being a truly masculine man should be and to the women who want to know what they should look out for here goes something.

1. Confidence: A masculine man is a confident man, confidence is the word not pride, because men sometimes forget there is a difference between confidence and pride so much so they become corky, have confidence in yourself and believe in your abilities, even if it seems things are not working out as wonderful as you want them, let your actions be as though you already have it, a confident man gets a woman's attention any day

2. Courage: Being courageous is a great trait of a masculine man, courageous doesn't mean acting stupidly by putting yourself in the face of unnecessary danger, but acting calmly even in the face of inexplicable danger, being able to do the necessary thing in the light how uncomfortable or risky it might be without showing weakness is what shows how courageous a man is, a man needs to be courageous because he has people looking up to him and he can't afford to let them down

3. Responsible: Masculine men are responsible men, men who do not give excuses but take responsibility for their actions,a responsible man make plans and follows his plans to the letter and his never afraid of failing

4. Discipline: A disciplined man is a masculine man, because it takes a man in control of himself to be disciplined, discipline in a man is a sign of strength and control, show me an undisciplined man and i will tell you that's a man not to associate with because he definitely lacks control, a man who lacks self control is one man every woman should stay away from, because he wont be able to effectively take care of a woman

5. He Treats Women Right: These days men are beginning to lose sight of how to take care of a woman, a masculine man knows well to care for and protect women around him, he sees a woman as a beautiful creation of God to be cared for and protected and not abused and bossed around, a real man honors women.

6. He Inspires Submission: A masculine is one that has the natural abilities of a leader, true leaders are such that people will ready follow, a masculine man doesn't have to beat a woman or pressure a woman into submission, submission to a masculine man wont only come from a woman but also from other men as well, he keeps is cool and wont do regrettable things when vexed, a masculine man in a relationship with a woman is that type of man is friend with his woman and not lord to his woman, he is friendly enough with her for her to naturally and willingly submit herself to him.

7. He Listens: A man truly loves the woman in his life will leave everything else to listen her when she has something to say, if men were not meant to listen then i bet men would have been created with only one ear, but it is not so, a real man will listen to a woman no matter what and will never strike her no matter how stupid the woman gets, that not withstanding a masculine man will never take nonsense from a woman but he would never strike her, women love men who listens, the moment a man stops listening to his wife, is exactly when he starts losing her.

So to the men reading this and the women who have men in their lives reading this, a man who is confident, courageous, responsible, discipline, treats women right, inspires submission and listens is a man you should aspire to be as a man, and as a woman such a man is a man you should never want to lose, because if you do, then, any other kind of man you get is your own cup of tea.