Love Rhymes For My Darling

Alone all by myself
missing the other part of myself ,
feeling like a book alone on the shelf,
wishing I had you all to myself,
I miss and I will always love you this I promise myself

Oh i did It Again
i caused u the pain
took away the sun i made it rain
i broke your heart and what did i gain
made you mad now am going insane
am on fire like i crashed the airplane

love has found me
this is a new me
even i, surprise me
how your love struck me
is still beyond me
i promise you and i promise me
to be the best me
so you'll keep loving me
where you are is where my heart be

Am like Seven and you are number eight
can't take my eyes off your sweet figure eight
so proud u are mine my ego u inflate
other guys want u their ego u deflate
you the well cooked food am the nice looking plate
ready to go all the way waiting for you at the gate