48 laws of Power Series II

Okay here is the series II of the 48 laws of power i do hope you have seen the previous 24 laws, these are the last set of the laws. I must tell you, if this is the first time you are coming in close contact with these laws, then my question will be, "where have you been all this time?"
The 48 laws of power is a powerful book though i must say its not as powerful as the Bible the book of all books and if you are a good student of the Bible you will see that some of the laws in the book very much go in line with some of the stuffs in the word of God, well not all the laws though, you really have to be objective in your decision to apply the laws, it maybe practically impossible to want to implement the laws at all times, but at those times you find yourself stuck and you need help on certain relationship or business issues as well as career issues you can always find these laws handy, so lets go into the last 24 laws, then watch out for the analysis of each of these laws as it applies to everyday living, 2013 is sure gonna be a wonderful year, if you are ready to act on your goals, that is.

25. Re-create yourself
26. Keep your hands clean
27. Play on peoples need to believe to create a cultlike(loyal fans) following
28. Enter action with boldness
29. Plan all the way to the end
30. Make your accomplishments seem effortless
31. Control the options: get others to play with the cards you deal
32. Play to peoples fantasies
33. Discover each man's thumbscrew(weakness)
34. be royal in your fashion, act like a king to be treated like a king
35. Master the art of timing
36. Disdain things you cannot have: ignoring them is the best revenge
37. Create complelling spectacles
38. Think as you like but behave like others
39. Stir up waters to cathc fish
40. Despise the free lunch
41. Avoid stepping into a great man's shoes
42. Strike the shepered and the sheep will scatter
43. Work on the hearts and minds of others
44. Disarm and infuriate with the mirror effect
45. Preach the need for change but never reform too much at once
46. Never appear perfect
47. Do not go past the mark you aimed for, in victory, learn when to stop
48. Assume formlessness


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