30 Sure Ways To Know If He/She Truly Loves You; Test Of True love

1. Attraction test: Is he/she attracted to the content or container that is it about your person or your body.
2. Purpose test: Will the relationship be temporal or forever, what exactly is the basis of your love.
3. Vision test: Does your vision unite you or divide you, do you compliment him and does he add values to you.
4. Activity test: Are you planning for tomorrow or all you care about is the excitement of today. Do you see a future together are you guarding it or destroying it
5. Caring test: What does he care about your life or body, your present or future? Is the care genuine or to get through to you.
6. Longevity test: is it for now or forever.
7. Starting test: How did it all started, was is based on friendship, infatuation or lust.
8. Purity test: Do you stand for righteousness or engaging in sexual immoralities.
9. Divine relationship test: Are you together in Christ or together in club.
10. Interest test: Is he warm, tender and gentle or harsh rude and arrogant.
11. Maturity test: How wise are you both, can your wisdom build a home and will your understanding establish it.
12. Effect test: Are you a better person or worse off.
13. Excitement test: Are you happy or you are enduring the relationship.
14. Marriage test: can you spend the rest of your life with him/her. Can you marry him/her?
15. Self-emotions test: can you both control your feelings and urge for sex.
16. Personal test: is he/she a genuinely born again Christian
17. Patient test: can you both keep the bed undefiled
18. Peace test: Is there peace of mind or you are always troubled
19. Other relationship: What is the view of your family and friends? Do they know about the relationship, are they in support of it.
20. Trust test: can you open up to him/her saying nothing but the truth at every point in time.
21. Distance test: can you love him/her in his/her absence
22. Time test: Is love growing strong or waxing cold, can it survive the test of time.
23. Pluralistic test: Do you see each other as you and me or we and us
24. Character test: Can you coup with your flaws and can you live with your weaknesses
25. Foundation test: can you present him to the world as your husband or wife.
26. Goal test: Is your goal to please God or yourselves
27. Prayer and counsel test: Have you prayed about it, is your pastor or church leaders aware of your relationship.
28. Association test: Who are the people surrounding your relationship
29. Commitment test: Do you spend quality time with each other, are you there when things are not smiling.
30. Medical test: Is your genotype compatible
The true elements of love are: Trust, acceptance, compassion, respect, service, forgiveness, selflessness, excitement, righteousness, peace, patient submission, commitment, sacrifice, giving, positive thinking, forbearance, truth, tolerance, faithfulness, faith, hope and joy.
The false element of love is:
• Love is not base at first sight
• Love is not sexual urge
• Love is not based on beauty and wealth
• Love cannot come from immature mind
• Love is not in hast
• Love s not envious
• Love is no without control
• Love does not come from an ungrateful mind
• Love does not rejoice in iniquity
• Love does not seek to glorify it self
• Love does not dishonor marriage
Games singles should avoid:
• Having a relationship with an unbeliever all in the name of converting him/her
• Close friendship that keeps others from proposing
• To accept gift and pretend not to know the givers intention
• To assume you are in a relationship with someone without formal approval
• To delay proposal all in the name of praying for selfish reasons
• To deliberately cover for an unbeliever from your pastor all in the name of love
• Satisfying your sexual appetite by yourself through masturbation
• To have a pure relationship with a believer and a sex relationship with an unbeliever at the same time
• To be in multiple relationship with the mind of picking one of them to marry
Beware games players always lose at the end.