I won't be surprised if your answer to that question is in the affirmative, well, if it is, then you are not alone because a larger percentage of employess the world over are in the same position as you are, a lot of people find their jobs boring and a lot more even find their boss and colleagues annoying. so what can you do in a situation when you are sick and tired of your job, there are several steps you can take, my assumption at this point in time is that you are not on a wrong job, so i am concluding you are doing job you love and was trained for, because working in a wrong place that you are not cut out for will be a number one factor why you might be tired and frustrated and getting out fast will be your best bet

Identify the reason why you are tired of your job, though this might seem the easiest and quickest thing to do, because there would be obvious issues you will be able to point at, but when you take a closer look, you might see more underlying issues that were not so obvious and one of the most not so obvious issues sometimes is YOU, yes YOU! there's no reason to be surprised because it's true, you might be the real problem behind your being tired of your job, we shall consider how you could be a problem to yourself in your job and other problems as well as actions you can take regarding them.

1. If you are finding it increasingly difficult to complete tasks and assignments at your workplace, you will get frustrated and this may very well be your key issue, and whether you will agree with it or not, you are the one making this a problem and this what you can do to stem the tide of continual frustration of incomplete tasks and assignments. first thing is to improve your skills, get more training to help you better perform than you currently do, be more organized and plan your work well enough such that no matter the volume of tasks you have on your desk you can readily and easily keep track of them, doing this will help you complete your tasks on time and will definitely keep your boss from off your neck as well as keep his/her rantings at bay, when he doesn't have any reason to rant

2. If you are not happy with your pay, you will definitely not be happy doing your job and this will bring frustration faster than a mouse or keyword that is not working well, your best bet is to discuss with your boss, if you are certain you are doing a good job and getting paid far less than the volume of work you doing, then you should be confident enough to talk to your boss about your pay, if you are afraid to discuss with boss and not because the company is not making good profit but just because you are afraid and you can't even point out why you are afraid, then i guess the reason your boss has not raised your pay is because he's plain wicked and he knows there's nothing you can do about it because he knows you are afraid, so beat your fear and discuss with your boss and you might just be surprised how it would turn out, at the same time you should be discreet about when and how you go about the discussion, you know your boss better than anyone else.

3. Another thing that could be problem is if you have issues with another colleague, so colleagues at work can be plain annoying and nuisance causing entity so much they get under your skin, the person could be a subordinate or a superior officer and you must always in close connection with the person, this can bring a whole lot of frustration, well, aside praying that the person gets another job or that the person gets transfered to another department, you can discuss with your boss and if the person happens to be a favorite staff to your boss, then you can't take that option or else you risk loosing your job if you are seen as a trouble maker, your best option is to try and understand the person while you continue to rein yourself in whenever the colleague gets on your nerve

your job sometimes is like a marriage and really it is a marriage and in this case if you have tried every options in getting things straightened out and you keep having issues in that job, and you are just plain tired, then it means you and your job have irreconcilable differences, your best bet is to divorce that job and find another, sometimes staying too long at a job can be bring over familiarity, so just get a better job, you can read up on how to get a better job here