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Why Some People May Never Get Rich

The dictionary app bundled with my android device gives the definition of "the rich" as "someone who has a lot of money and valuable possessions" I like that definition and quite a number of things can be drawn from it, one is that being rich is relative because what is a lot of money to you may

Facebook Page Or A Website? Which is Better?

You probably have not thought about that before and I bet a larger percentage of those reading this have a Facebook page if not more than one for that matter, so whatever the case is whether you run a Facebook page or you own a website, the most important thing is, everyone wants to reach out to


Have you ever been asked that golden question by your partner? And I am sure most often than not, the question doesn’t go very well with you and you always wonder why in the world does your partner keep asking you that question, when they obviously know you do.

Are You Preparing For Your Old Age?

So tell me when was the last time you thought about old age? or you belong to the class of people who hate old people? oh, you think you are going to be forever young?

The Job You Should Be Doing

If you are reading this and you got a full time job then i should say congratulations or maybe i should hold on to my congratulations for now, if you happen to have no job doing at the moment, then to an extent, i can say i am happy for you, hold on, i do not mean that i am happy with the fact yo