Facebook Page Or A Website? Which is Better?

You probably have not thought about that before and I bet a larger percentage of those reading this have a Facebook page if not more than one for that matter, so whatever the case is whether you run a Facebook page or you own a website, the most important thing is, everyone wants to reach out to an audience so they can be more aware of whatever it is you are trying to publicise.

One of the reasons why people create Facebook page for their publicity plans is because it can be at no cost whatsoever on the other hand having a website is not free, when I say website I do not mean .blogspot.com or .wordpress.com because when one really means business and wants to grow owning a full website is the best, yes I know it comes at a price, so does everything in life.

No matter the number of fans on your Facebook page, the page isn’t really your own, it’s a property of Facebook.com if for any reason you are shut out of your Facebook account, you lose the Facebook page, no matter the number of fans on it or how long you’ve owned it, but on the other hand a website is always yours and you can do whatever you want on it, you can place advert on your website and get paid by advertisers, you can decide to sell your site as well and make money from flipping it.

The other thing you also need to know is this; by owning a Facebook page you are helping Facebook grow more traffic and more money and you do not get a share in it but when you have a website rather than publicise all your full content on your page you publicise the link and your Facebook page, your fans can click on it and come to your site thereby you get a share of that traffic and the money, can you count the number of times you have clicked a link on Facebook that takes to a website? You can’t because it’s been countless times.

If what you are saying is owning a website is expensive then it shows how less informed about the current internet trends you are, you can get a website registered and hosted for has low as N5,000 that is aside the web designing though and as per web designing you can always get a good bargain if you prove to the developer you really don’t have much, myself for example I can help you with that so don’t be like those who are penny wise dollar foolish because in the long run you will reach a larger world wide audience on a website compared to Face Page, but if you are thinking local then the choice is yours.