In very recent times, i have become what you can call an internet crusader, and why am saying that? i have become so passionate about the internet, the many opportunities that are available on it and the volume of money that flows through the internet, so much so i have taken it upon myself to let people around me know how seriously they should take having their own spot on the internet if they are yet to do so.

i really would not want to bore you with statistics but just imagine that there are over a billion active users on Facebook alone, that should give you an idea of how many people transverse the internet on a daily basis and you are part of these internet users, even right now you are reading this because you are on the internet.

So really why should you have a website? the internet is like a gigantic shopping mall that is visited by a large percentage of the world and having your own website is like getting a shop in that gigantic mall, you are sure to get visited one way or the other, there are countless ways you can get your spot on the internet, some of these include, getting an account on a social networking site or even having an email address, but it is only when you have a website that you can really say you have your own spot that is really yours and i am not talking about one of those .WordPress or .blogspot thingy, i am talking about a full fledged domain.

Getting a website is like buying land, it starts appreciating the moment you buy it, so you have nothing to loose, even if you think you cant blog, you can setup a website in your name e.g olamidecole.com and you could let it be your online CV, just put your work experience, education, skills and qualification and you never know who would come across it and it might just be what would get you a job, who says you cant get a domain in your name, you dont have to wait till you become a popular celebrity.

fb.com was bought by Facebook for 8 million dollars, when they setup there was nothing like Facebook but years after the domain become valuable, you never what domain you would buy now that would become valuable tomorrow, if you need help you can always reach me, whatever you do just make sure you have your own website