A Dedication To HeartBreakers; A Rhyme Dedicated For HeartBreakers

Heartbreakers are like circuit breakers
Stealing your joy like car jackers
Living you in pieces like cream crackers
With no courtesy and with no manners
Like babies raised with no mamas
Wreaking havoc like bulldozers
Making you cry like babies with wet diapers
They are good for nothing like bad clippers
Tears your heart apart like meat cleavers
Rude and evil like delinquent school leavers
They are not believers
They break your heart and leave you in shivers
Stops your heart and take away your livers
They can’t be leaders
They are heart breakers law breakers and jaw breakers
They take your wind breakers
Leaves you in the cold like jail breakers
They hit you left and right like kungfu pandas
They lack manners like rude tellers#
Get you drunk and high like bartenders
Leaves you empty like empty skins with no bananas
They make you go bananas
Leaves you lonely takes away all that matters
You broken in pieces like fallen china’s
They play your heart like game of checkers and now its game over