Have you ever been asked that golden question by your partner? And I am sure most often than not, the question doesn’t go very well with you and you always wonder why in the world does your partner keep asking you that question, when they obviously know you do. Well, you need to know that acting it, is not enough you need to say it as well; your actions need to go with your words.

Most of the time women are the ones who ask this question and most times too men get ticked off when asked that question, but you need to stop being ticked off when your partner asks you the question, because the question bellies a lot more in than you think, Do you love me? It goes beyond the yes, I love you, sometimes the question means, what is the problem, have I done anything wrong, sometimes it’s a question that shows you how much you have drifted away from your partner unconsciously and she’s calling you back, there are times you’ve done very hurtful things to your partner, things so hurtful that however unintentional it might be, it makes your partner wonder if you love him/her at all.

No matter how much you tell a woman you love her, it can never be enough, it’s a life time chorus you have to continually sing, come to think of it if you love him/her should you get tired of saying it? You shouldn’t, the way most people were raised in my own part of the world is such that many did not grow up hearing there mother tell their father ‘’I love you’’ but then we can’t continually blame our background for our wrong attitude, more than ever before you need to say it more ‘’I love you’’ when you say it more and act it too there will be no need for him/her to ask ‘’do you love me’’ so for the sake of that person you love, why don’t you click share or click like