The Job You Should Be Doing

If you are reading this and you got a full time job then i should say congratulations or maybe i should hold on to my congratulations for now, if you happen to have no job doing at the moment, then to an extent, i can say i am happy for you, hold on, i do not mean that i am happy with the fact you got no job, but happy for you because you are not trapped doing a job you are not happy with like so many people, you have the chance to determine what kind of job you take or you don't take, seriously, don't tell me you would rather be with a job and not be happy with it than be at home and not happy with yourself, it's easier said than done, its best you don't find yourself in such a situation.

There's a particular kind of job you should be doing, don't be an engineer working in a bank as a teller or a geophysics graduate working as an executive marketer, before you crucify me and argue that people have to feed their family, let me tell you the kind of job you should be doing, and that job is? Your dream job, yes your dream job and i know exactly what your dream job is, you wont be disappointed when i tell you exactly what your dream job is, okay this is what i call a dream job, a job you love doing, that helps you pay your bills, still leaves you with enough in your bank account at the end of the month and still allows you to have time to yourself, so you think such a job doesn't exist? well if that is what you think, then its no surprise why you have not gotten your dream job.

Friend please change your thinking and everything around you will change, including that job of yours, tell me, of what good is a job you love doing but doesn't pay your bills or the one that pays your bill but you hardly have anything left at the end of the month or the job that leaves you with all the extra but consumes all your time and doesn't give you any time to enjoy the money, my friend life is too short to be managed, life is to enjoyed not endured, you need to sit down and plan your life, chart a new course, don't be stuck in a place where you do not have fulfillment, start the job you should be doing, start your dream job.