Ever Romantic "I Miss You" Rhymes

The clouds have rolled up,
in the horizon of my life.
The day you went away,
you left me nothing but strife.

A thunderstorm is about to hit,
I can feel it I’m so blue.
Take me out of this calamity,

Baby, I miss you.
Happiness is not enough,
gloomy days have become tough.
Smiles don’t make any sense;
the mist in my eyes has become dense.

Nothing seems fun anymore,
I keep feeling very sore.
When you’re not around,
my life doesn’t remain sound.

I miss you.
I’ve been working hard,
I’ve made an attempt.
But I’ve failed miserably,
for which I have contempt.
I’ve been putting effort,
I’ve taken a trial.
But I haven’t succeeded,
maybe I’m in denial.

I’ve taken a crack;
I’ve given my best shot.
But I just can’t stop thinking about you,

Baby, I miss you a lot.
It is difficult to express
without sounding cheesy.
How much I miss you,
when you are not with me.

But even when we are,
apart for just a few minutes.
I feel lost and confused,
at the end of my wits.
I don’t care how much time,
we spent together today.

I started missing you,
the very second you walked away.
I always thought and believed
that I was mentally very strong.
Until I started missing you,
and I realized that I was wrong.
My mind goes completely crazy,
into a state of confusion and delusion.

At the very moment I start missing you,
Come hug me, put me out of this terrible position.