Are The 10 Commandments Really The First Commandments? Find Out

Yes the ten commandments, the one we all know and are very familiar with and which we break every other time, the very commandments God took so seriously he took time to blaze it on tablet of stones presenting it to the children of Israel through the prophet Moses, the commandment you probably grew up knowing and living by, but perhaps have outgrown it and no longer live by such either because you don't care about such laws or because you have enough understanding and love in your heart that you don't need to be guided by all of the ten laws, since the greatest law of all which is to love already governs your heart. perhaps I'm wrong altogether to think you ever knew or know the ten commandments, i wonder then how my explanation of the ten commandments being not the first commandment going to make any sense to you. truth is whether you know the ten commandments or not, we all have that one person that speaks to us everyday when we do wrong and that is our conscience that is if you still have one though.
Let me firstly define what a commandment is, bunch of definitions came up when i checked on the internet and one thing is common to all the definitions, all of them all made reference to the ten commandments, so what then is a commandment
according to two of the definitions which i will combine here to form this definition, "A commandment is a Divine rule one which must be observed strictly"

Enough of going over the new commandments lets get into what the very first commandment of God to man was and the plan of the devil oh did i say plan, i mean how the devil is already driving man away from that commandment, if you open your bible and read from Genesis chapter from the first verse where the state of the earth is described and series of utterances that God made which brought many of earth's structure and living entities into being, which also stated how God created man and then we you get to verse 28, God gave His first divine rule to man, remember we already defined commandment as a divine rule, so in verse 28 God gave His first commandment He says "Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it..."

You are probably thinking how is that a commandment and what am i really getting at, i do hope you are not in rush and you can really take your time to lets get where am going to together, all through from the very first verse of genesis chapter one there was not a time God spoke to man, until that verse 28 and His first commandment to man to be fruitful and increase in number, i know there are several interpretations on this verse but the one we are sticking with here is the procreation interpretation of this verse, God's first divine rule to man was to be fruitful and procreate so as to increase in number and this matter was so serious to God, such that when men began to build the tower of babel Gen 11:1-8, God had to scatter men's language because building a single city for them to all live in was going to betray that commandment of filling the earth.

This is where am really going to, if God's commandment to man was to "Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it..." then how is this propagated in this age and time when Adam is now getting married to Steve instead of eve as God ordained it, how is this propagated when Eve now gets married to Evelyn, the battle is on between light and darkness and a lot of men are being drawn into darkness, in this age we find ourselves we might soon have no issues of over population with the rate at which marriage is becoming a thing of the past, divorce is becoming a trend and humans are getting more selfish and are caring less about how the next person feels, know for sure that the 10 commandments aren't the only commandments God gave man, also know that these words are my own opinions and are not infallible only God's word is Infallible and if you have any addition to these words you can use the comment box below and if this really touched you and made even its just a little sense to you then why don't you just share this with your friends. thank you.