It saddens every heart to see a relationship one has invested much time, money and attention to just crumble before the call of Jack Robinson. The outcome of such, sometimes, has left so many with the option of not keeping no relationship any longer. It's one of the reasons why some don't even want to get married.

You sure know that "For every tango it always take two." In that light, most people come into every relationship whether just mutual or romantic for particular reasons and when that is no more there the back off.

Of course you should be of the knowledge that there is high level of attachment in the beginning of every relationship. By then, people are going to be blinded to each other's faults, so it's eminent to see the relationship rocks.

As times go on, the other party wants something new.
Did I hear you ask Why?
How do you feel when you play a game and you discover there's no more level to reach? Like me, I don't like such games.
Or how many times have you seen a film you've seen before, over and over again? I don't do such.

Now, when one decides to call it quit, the question to ask is if we are part of the reason they back off or not.

Every relationship is like a game: you are to be part of creating another level.
It's also like a film, the thriller is to be created by you - Take it seasonal!

Relationship is never to be seen like a roller coaster or rocky horse that you don't need any sapping strength to keep it going. It's always GARBAGE IN, GARBAGE OUT.

Why should you always expect your partner to be the one who's to control all the feels and treats in the relationship, when you are not a statue or doll. You are both to work it out and give room for improvements. That is why it's called Relation-ship: it requires mutual communication from both ends.

I've come across ladies who say "You know I don't know how to send sms; I am not that humorous. You know I don't like calling people except they call me." If that's your talent, expect to reap whatever you sow into the relationship, in hundred folds.

He does not call, can't you call him?
She does not come to visit, can't you go visit her?

Remember this: "Givers never lack."
To know about real love, Read and re-read 1Corinth 13.