Love Messages and Love Rhymes for My Boo

Would you be my valentine?
Would you please be mine?
With your face this fine
I will love you now and beyond valentine

To your love am now addicted
Our two hearts is now connected
Other guys are now neglected
You changed me am now affected
Our love is now perfected
Am yours forever you got me arrested?

Becomes one
Me and you is like one plus one
Me without you is like one minus one
Am in love with you my number one
The man of your dreams am the one
With you in my life two becomes one

Beautiful like a red rose
From your head to your beautiful toes
Your fine face with your pointed nose
Where you came from only God knows
Can't hide it like the sun light it shows

Give up
I believe in us I can't give up
We're meant to be and heading for the top
Friends forever we can't break up
Let's walk down the aisle let's step up
Just want to say I do I don love up

One plus one is equals to two
am in love with you and its equals to true
no flirting again am done am through
lets get married wanna walk down the aisle with you
i want nothing more just wanna be with you

Heaven doesn't seem far any more
you satisfy my longing now i want no more
my best friend my love to you i pour
i love you this deep yet I'll still love you more