The popular English saying says "Do your best and leave the rest" but i as a person of inexplicable capacity I'm rewriting the long standing saying into something more powerful, the message is clear one just as the title of the write up indicates, "DO YOUR BEST BUT HELP THE REST", your best in this context been all that you would do and all that you are doing to have a fulfilled life, your achievements in life be it big or small, your actions, your thoughts and the structure you are putting in place to help you live life to the fullest, all these are your best, but after you have done your best, will you leave the rest like the leaders of our country who do their best in stealing the resources of our land and leave the REST, the masses to suffer.

There is no better way to define what the "rest" inn that saying stands for, other than to describe them as those who need your help, the rest are those who need your kindness, your word of encouragement, your support, please after you have your best, don't leave the rest but help the rest. In whatever situation you find yourself there would always be a need to do your best and there is always the rest to help as well.

Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of facebook was in the prestigious havard university doing his best as a computer science student but he did not leave the "rest", he thought of how he could help the rest, people who were introverts, who did not find it easy making friends in person, he developed the online platform on the campus to help such people but it got bigger than him and now there are millions of the "rest" who are enjoying the help that the young man chose to proffer.

Pastor Enoch Adeboye of The Redeemed Christian Church of God world wide, was doing hos best as a university lecturer with a PhD, he could have continued to become a professor but he did not leave the rest, imagine how many lives would have remained unchanged if he only "did his best and left the rest", there is an endless list of people who did their best but never left the rest, do your best, it's important you do so but after you have done your best and you have achieved the best, don't leave the rest, help the rest, the rest who need you to be at their best.
You can start now, you have done your best in reading to this point, so help the rest by forwarding this to a friend or sharing this, remember "DO YOUR BEST BUT HELP THE REST"