Love Messages for My Boo

My heart is set
Get ready get set
As we walk down the isle
Behind us the bridal train file
Behold the smile on the face of my bride
Her beauty &the elegance of her sure stride
The woman of my dream ready for me to groom
Only you matters I see no one else in this room

My promise to love you is sure
Am wise enough to keep a love this pure
Love has never felt this good
My heart is filled I found my soul food
To you I will forever belong
Promise to do you right and never wrong

It was all a mistake
Now I’ve got to fight to win your love back
I give this all it would take
Never meant to cheat behind your back
This is all a dream I really want to wake
The hands of time is impossible to turn back
Our love is hit I can feel it shake
Oh heaven help me win the trust of my love back

Am a fool for love today
Behold it is our wedding day
Today I promise my love to you
To stay true to only you
To be your friend till the very end
I promise you eternal love till my life end
Hold my hands tell me you feel same way too
Today I say I do to you tell me you do too
We become one today no longer are we two
Before God and man I promise eternal love to you
Through the good better best and bad times too
I love you I really do words alone wont do